Finished.  After originally creating it with two figures I’ve now added a third.  It’s now in a frame.  Hooray.   Oil on canvas.  £150.00




mercaston 001   All of the paintings hanging in our home are memories.  Sadly, last weekend, one of them, a watercolour of a favourite holiday place crashed to the floor.   Mercaston Hall in Derbyshire.  I recall on one visit it was the eighteenth birthday of the daughter of the owners.  I rang the doorbell and she answered wearing a beautiful ankle length evening dress.   …And trainers.

She was beautiful.

Artwork and Text by Jack Purvis   OOPs



forest moonlight 2

A sharp inhalation of breath.  Mine.

There!  Did you hear the snap of a twig?

Wishing you are not on your own? No, I’m fine.

Pressing on.  Carefully.

A small touch of fear

That thrilling nervousness.  Presaging excitement.

Is it possible someone is near?

I can’t see anything.  Only hear.

Where are the others?

I don’t want to know.

With their inane chatter banishing the magic

Of moments like these I find so rare

A moment so wantonly lubric

Wait, is that a gleam of light, there on my right?

Do I advance toward it and spoil this moment?

Decision made I thrust through the undergrowth

A swift glance behind I make the oath

To return again and yet again


Artwork and text © by Jack Purvis  OOPs


_the-sentinel Large e-mail view

It’s so hot
Let’s stop here my lady
It’s so cool, and
The trees are so shady
Oh! it’s so hot

Come, let us undress and do without
Us!  M’lady,  I’ll not bare my plums
I’ll sit and look out,
And, warn you if anyone comes
Very  well.  Please give a  genteel  shout
She unlaced her bloused top
Bared her chest. Not to entice
Splashed them, once, then twice
Stooping low, her breasts they did beckon
Sentinel did glance, just a swift check on
Lady calls, come join me and share
The stream’s cool embrace
On my feet, on my hands, trickling down my face
And see how my ‘nips’ stand forth, Oh!
Someone comes, we must swiftly go

Fingers hastily work because of her fright
Fastening laces so tight
She turns, with a smile, so bright
A gentleman, raising his hat. So right
A scene.  To forget?
A scene, to delight.

Artwork and text © by Jack Purvis  OOPs






What, to you, does a tear signify?
Joy, sadness, or just something in the eye.
How do you respond?   Grasp the shoulders and share the joy,
Hold her close and reveal that it’s a boy.
Give a sympathetic cuddle with it’s irritating stroking
Sorry, didn’t realise it was your eye I was poking.

Artwork and rhyme © Jack Purvis OOPs

The tear Thumbnail


DSC_0841 - Copy

Autumn means the end of the bowls season,
A pastime, which, for many, has no reason.
With it’s competitions, friendlies, and roll-ups.
No! not a ciggie. Opportunities for tune ups,
Greens upon which friends, each try to outplay
By releasing a wood on it’s curving way

Sometimes sun baked, occasionally soaked,
Other times romantically, mistily, cloaked,
Cromer Marrams enviously elevated above the sea
Members hoping for weather so balmy
But, whatever the weather joy can be found
Especially when the words ‘a toucher’ resound

Remember last Spring, with it’s early promise
All leagues and challenges sorted and, no bias,
A look to the season forthcoming
Notices pinned up for names to be adding
Smiles all around, with just the occasional scowl,
A hope that there will be no need to call foul

The clubhouse buzzes with earnest intent
Then out to the tourney let’s make it a splendid event
The captains’ words, he or she does expound
Then split into teams, handshakes all around
Newbies rubbing shoulders with those so well versed
But all are now equal, in the sport, deeply immersed

Sadly, time moves on, to the final day
The verve that filled many a step, no longer gay
Shoulder to shoulder, members stand, only one game to finish
Please let it end with a wonderful flourish
Rink number one from road to sea for that tourney
Soon, a final drink, leaving only, the homeward journey

The evening draws on, a slight chill in the air
The last wood to be bowled, Oh! let it be fair,
That sensuous curve, it’s on the right track,
Closer, yet closer, nearing the jack,
This one final effort please don’t let it miss
Then slowly, slowly, they touch.

A last fond kiss.

(Photo is of Jackie, my wife)

Photograph and poem © Jack Purvis OOPs