12 months ago my wife and I were vagrants.  We’d sold up where we lived before and did not have a new home to go to.   We stayed with kind friends in various parts of the North West UK.  After about eight weeks we started living in a Victorian terraced house in Cromer, Norfolk.   Only a coupla minutes from the sea front.  Magnificent. Now, after a year, the house is nearly sorted and I have started painting again.  My subjects are quite different.  Beach and sea studies, but still, in the main containing figures.   My old blog has really been left behind although I may from time to time delve into it for memories. A new aspect to the blog stems from the fact that my wife, Jackie, has taken up craft working, cushions, wall hangings, throws, and now decoupage.  So, until she gets her own blog I will incorporate some of her work, of which I am extremely proud. I hope anyone watching will enjoy the photos and the occasional stories.