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It’s so hot
Let’s stop here my lady
It’s so cool, and
The trees are so shady
Oh! it’s so hot

Come, let us undress and do without
Us!  M’lady,  I’ll not bare my plums
I’ll sit and look out,
And, warn you if anyone comes
Very  well.  Please give a  genteel  shout
She unlaced her bloused top
Bared her chest. Not to entice
Splashed them, once, then twice
Stooping low, her breasts they did beckon
Sentinel did glance, just a swift check on
Lady calls, come join me and share
The stream’s cool embrace
On my feet, on my hands, trickling down my face
And see how my ‘nips’ stand forth, Oh!
Someone comes, we must swiftly go

Fingers hastily work because of her fright
Fastening laces so tight
She turns, with a smile, so bright
A gentleman, raising his hat. So right
A scene.  To forget?
A scene, to delight.

Artwork and text © by Jack Purvis  OOPs