forest moonlight 2

A sharp inhalation of breath.  Mine.

There!  Did you hear the snap of a twig?

Wishing you are not on your own? No, I’m fine.

Pressing on.  Carefully.

A small touch of fear

That thrilling nervousness.  Presaging excitement.

Is it possible someone is near?

I can’t see anything.  Only hear.

Where are the others?

I don’t want to know.

With their inane chatter banishing the magic

Of moments like these I find so rare

A moment so wantonly lubric

Wait, is that a gleam of light, there on my right?

Do I advance toward it and spoil this moment?

Decision made I thrust through the undergrowth

A swift glance behind I make the oath

To return again and yet again


Artwork and text © by Jack Purvis  OOPs