surfing 15a 002

Watching wet suited fella’s a’bobbin’

Got to wondering and then some thinkin’

Why so much sitting, gazing  and waitin’

Continuous bobbing with legs a’danglin’

There goes a wave, what’s wrong with it?

Is he just enjoying a tight suited, comfortable, sit?

Occasionally…  Very occasionally, whilst waiting

Sudden activity occurs, legs and arms wildly thrashing

Damn, missed the crest.  One of the best.  Never mind.

Back to gently bobbing, legs apart, and feet aligned

But, about that previous excitement!  A watcher might brood

Perhaps there’s something’ else. Perhaps something … ‘lewd’

Could there be?  Bobbing alone.  So brave

Some reason other than catching a wave

Perhaps something much, much more complex

An act’  Three letters, starting with S and ending with X

An orgasmic experience only enjoyed

By those, rubberised, temporarily eunuchoid

Up down, up down, legs wide splayed

Eyes fixed on the sea.   Does he seek a mermaid?

Bondaged to board with tight ankle strap

Hoping with her scaleyed tail she’ll entrap

His slithering form with buttocks so tight

Providing the craving he longs to incite

His reverie of thoughts so lustful

Interrupted by an incontinent gull

Emptying it’s belly upon his board

He shakes his fist as away it soared

Then recalled the old belief it could bring him luck

With a wondrous thought he was struck

Untying his tethering  anklet cord

The shouted warnings of others  ignored

He slipped from his board and did dive

Would it be the last time he’s seen alive

No.  He bobs up.  His face says it all

Back to daily paper, page three, full frontal

So, when you see bobbing figures  from the shore

They are hoping to enter a mermaid’s boudoir

There now, the reason is no longer secret

You are gazing on someone forced celibate

Tough luck you might very well say

But, rest assured he’ll be back the next day.